German born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, RIPL came to the UK to find new inspiration for his solo material. Developing a passion for music in his earliest years, he was starting to play guitar by the age of 6.

“I only listen to a handful of bands. Green Day, Oasis, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, some R.E.M, and The Beatles, obviously”

During his teenage years, he was a founding member of The Shme()gma, touring with them when they became the first German band to record in London’s renowned Abbey Road Studios. Now living in Scotland, he has grown his following by playing open mic nights, an experience about which he said:

“If, after playing three odd hours in a crowded pub, you’re not drenched in sweat and you’ve still got your voice, then you can be sure your performance was utter shit.”

Together with London-based producer David Whitmey (Take That) RIPL recorded his debut single “Of Course I Can”, for release in 2017.

“Dave and I come from completely different musical backgrounds, so it was like a clash of two worlds of thought, resulting in an entirely new creation.’

In 2018 RIPL returned to our ears with his second single, EMA, recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Adam Coltman (Ed Sheeran) in Sticky Studios in London. Oozing RIPL’s soaring, impassioned vocals and delicate strummed guitar melodies, EMA is a truly infectious slice of rich folk-pop. Reflecting on those times in life when you try desperately to make yourself heard.

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RIPL - EMA (Official Video)
RIPL - Of Course I Can (Acoustic)
RIPL - Of Course I Can (Official Video)
RIPL - EMA (Making Of)

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